Galmudug State hereby wishes to inform the Somali people, the Somali Federal Government and

the International Community that Puntland despite singing the four-point agreement yesterday

violated the ceasefire. As we issue this press release, Southern Gaalkacyo is under heavy

shelling: Puntland is bombarding Galmudug residential area with all kinds of weapons including

tanks, artillery and mortars indiscriminately. Such act does not only constitute violation of the

agreement but also perpetuates crimes against humanity as motors hit civilian populated areas.

The goodwill of Galmudug State in ending Gaalkacyo conflict peacefully was demonstrated in

its acceptance of the proposals by the Somalia Prime Minister, Regional State Heads

(Southwest/Jubbaland), the traditional elders, the international community and the release of the

prisoners on 30/11/2015. Puntland has over the period been reluctant to ending Galkacyo

conflict. This is evident in the time and efforts invested in convincing Abdiwali to come into

peaceful terms.

As we assured to the Somalia Prime Minister, the Regional State Heads, the Somali people and

the international community in our commitment to implementing the four-point agreement it is,

however, difficulty to refrain as Puntland deliberately continues to violate the agreement in the

presence of the Somalia Federal Government delegation led by the Prime Minister. On

December 1st, Puntland shelled Galmudug positions including the Five Star Hotel in which the

Somali Prime Minister and other dignitaries were present at the time. With this, Galmudug

decided to honor its pledge, hence ordered its forces not to respond.

The continued provocation by Puntland is part of larger scheme designed to undermine

Galmudug state-building efforts towards decentralization, security sector reform, dislodging

Shabaab and to continue the dialogue with ASWJ’s military wing in Dhuusamareeb. It further

means destabilizing Somalia’s national plan to hold elections in 2016 – Puntland realizing its

district-based proposal lost grounds opted to disrupt vision 2016 by waging war on Galmudug on

the 22nd of November 2015, under the pretext of road construction. For the period mediators

were in Galkacyo, Puntland was unfortunately preparing for a major offensive against

Galmudug, that today at 11 o’clock our security forces were under intense fire unexpectedly.

In conclusion, as tens of thousands fled from their with serious humanitarian conditions, we ask

again for the Somalia Federal Government and the International Community to remind Puntland

of its obligation to honor the agreement it signed. Galmudug is losing its patience in the face of

Madaxtooyada Galmudug, Cadaado. Email: pressidentofficegm@gmail.com

continued provocation by a neighbor determined to destabilizing the region and the entire




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